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Website Migration

If you’ve switched hosting providers, then you know that this procedure can be very troublesome. Here, at NewWebAddress.com Hosting And Domains, we will save you all the trouble – we’ll perform the tough work and will transfer all your web files, MySQL databases and emails to your brand–new hosting account.

Why should I move my site? What does web site migration include?

A: The website migration service on offer at NewWebAddress.com Hosting And Domains is absolutely free of cost and involves moving all your files, databases and emails from your current provider to your brand new web hosting account with us. We will also fine–tune all the settings necessary for your websites to be completely functional on our leading–edge cloud hosting platform. Our technicians are fully capable of transferring any sort of website. With years of experience in this field, they’re experts in the inner workings of our hosting platform, our Control Panel as well as all other widely used Control Panels. For them, transferring a custom–built application with a lot of custom libraries is as easy as moving a simple WordPress–based blog.

How much time will the website migration procedure take?

A: There are plenty of factors to bear in mind – the overall amount of web files, the size of the database, the complexity of the website itself and the present workload of our web site migration experts, etc. That said, we do try to implement all web site migrations within a 48–hour time period. Smaller–sized websites are transferred faster – usually in less than 24 hours.

Do you need anything from me before you begin moving my site?

A: We do not request any private information. We will need, however, the login information for your present hosting account as well as the name of the website that you’d like to migrate.

The login details for my hosting account are delicate. How can I rely on you?

A: Our Privacy Policy is an indivisible part of the agreement that we’ll have with you as a client. We’re focused on safeguarding the security of the private details gathered from the clients. To accomplish this, we employ technical security measures in order to prevent the loss, the misapplication, the modification or the unlawful leakage of the personal data under our control. The safety measures include, but are not limited to: physical, digital and managerial procedures to safeguard and secure the data that we gather on the web. When we request clients to submit financial info (for instance, a credit card number), this info is secured using the SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) technology.

Will my site be unavailable during the migration?

A: While we migrate your site, it will be available both in your web hosting account with us and in your account with your old web hosting provider. Once the migration is complete, we’ll make certain that everything is working correctly and that the integrity of your web content is not jeopardized prior to notifying you that the migration is complete. After that, we’ll tell you how to move the domain name over to your web hosting account with us and how to modify the DNS settings.

Will my current web host provider find out that I’m leaving them?

A: While we transfer your website content, your hosting provider won’t be aware of the migration at all. We will not contact them in any way.

Which web hosting providers can you transfer website content from?

A: We can migrate your web site from any web hosting provider or any Linux–driven hosting platform provided that we can gain access to the Control Panel and there’s FTP access available.The only sites that we are unable to migrate are the ones based on closed–source software apps such as Wix, BaseKit, Jimdo, Website Tonight, Four Square and Mr Site.

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